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At Cheer City, our priority is to deliver a fun, relaxed & comfortable environment for all our participating athletes to compete in for competitive growth.


All of our events feature a full 9-panel, sprung cheerleading floor to compete on. We also provide a stationed practise area that consists of a 4 zones: warm-up, tumble, stunt & full

9-panel floor (not sprung).

All competitive athletes receive a medal, while all Places receive a banner.


We will no longer offering Community 1 as we feel between Prep and Novice there is the option now for beginner teams which wasn’t there when Community 1 was created. 

In additional to SCUK age grid divisions, we will also be offering U17 and U19 at all events to support the teams looking to travel to ASW


Every athlete receives a medal

All team placements receive a banner

Grand Champions receive banners

Compete on a full 9-panel sprung floor

Stationed practise area with sprung tumble track

Experienced, unbiased judges to provide constructive feedback

Wide range of Cheer & Dance divisions

Team, Group Stunt, Duo & Individual divisions

Video playback after each routine

Bids to Allstar Championships in Florida 2022 (selected events)

Ready to take part in our next event?

We encourage all age ranges and schools to sign up

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